Stop Excuses was my Final Major Project at University, inspired by feelings me and some people around me experienced.

Aimed at 2nd/3rd year University students who have a low sense of self-efficacy, Stop Excuses campaign uses TED talks as a platform for inspiration and advice. TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less).

Stop Excuses consists of a Facebook page, poster campaign, explanation cards and mobile app.

Facebook page acts as a platform where TED talks relevant to the target audience are gathered together. In this way, students can easily access all the useful advice, stories and experience presented by TED hosts. Stories, that can help them gain self-confidence and make them believe in themselves.

Each poster contains the most inspiring quote from a certain TED talk,
provides the name of a speaker and has a QR code, linking to Stop Excuses
App prototype.

Purpose of the app is to de-construct TED talks related to confidence boost, finding a job you love, success etc. into articles. They highlight advice, main points and story of the talk, keeping a possibility to watch a full talk. This app also allows you to add these articles to favourites, organising them into folders; to search posts by topics or explore other user’s favourites. You can chat with other users and share your favourite talks you think s/he would benefit from with a simple action.

Build a community of like-minded people and start growing together!