In March 2017  I have worked on a project for Rude Health – UK’s food brand, using only natural, non-refined and non-artificial ingredients for their products.

The task was to re-design a Word document, that explained the brand, their beliefs and tone of voice, in one of three formats:
– a digital format for placement on Rude Health website, social media, e.g. a gif or a video;
– PDF format to send out to partners, possible clients etc;
– a physical format to give out to buyers, clients and so on.

I have worked on physical format and have created several gifs in Rude Health style, explaining some of RH’s beliefs.

Initial idea was Rude Health starter pack: a box, that explains all the main touch idea behind the brand, having two little tasters of their produce included. In this way, person, who has received the box, would know not only what brand is like, but also what it ‘tastes like’. It would be a great way of ‘introducing’ the brand to new partners, clients, freelancers.

However, the box would be too big to give out to any customer or a buyer.

That is why I came up with an alternative: a smaller booklet, designed in a similar way.
It brings the content to live using RH colours, imagery, body copy, product photos
and combines it with a little taster of a brand on the last page.

You have to tear out the middle of the page to see the enclosed product.

Three following GIFs explain three beliefs/ideas behind Rude Health:
– ‘Rude Health makes you feel ‘this’ way’ (e.g., unstoppable);
– meaning of being ‘in rude health’
– covering a bit of RH history, explaining that they are always adding something new to their product range.