I have worked on RSA Student Awards 2015/16 brief ‘Moving Images’.

The main challenge of this brief to create a video accompanying one of the chosen audio files, which will illuminate the context of the audio.

I have chosen ‘Live With Less’ audio by Richard Sennett, and the main idea behind it was to change the mindset of people to one that ‘we need less’ in order to survive and fight the climate change.

I answered the brief with stop-motion of words of the talk, drawn with chalk and building up on the wall. I wanted to draw it in the street being inspired by street art and artists such as Banksy
and Escif, who use it as a form of communicating social/political issues.

The use of a chalk can be explained by my childhood memories, when I only needed my parents, my friends and ability to draw, and when I used a lot of chalk for my drawings.