Figleaves is an online lingerie, swimwear, nightwear and activewear retailer with
a main emphasis on upselling lingerie: from brands like Calvin Klein to Figleaves
in-house designed collections, est. 1998.

The objective of Figleaves brief was to design a ‘Be Inspired’ editorial layout
for their in-house Juliette Lace collection, using assets provided.
Designs had to introduce five different bra styles to represent Figleaves
as fit specialist. Various platforms had to be considered, e.g. online, email etc.

As I looked through brand’s history, defined their main target audience,
figured out their visual and written tone of voice, as well as design elements
such as typefaces, I went on to creating magazine design examples.

Whilst initial designs contained only provided photos and text, final magazine editorial design incorporated different image positioning to distinguish similar photographs and colourful plant-based background
to add Summery feel.

To position Figleaves as fit specialist, I wrote introduction to the new collection, named
‘Meet the new Juliette’, and completed each spread with advice on how to wear the featured style best/ why wear it.

Then, I followed with writing and designing a layout for ‘Be Inspired’ online section, that can already be found on Figleaves website.

I kept the visual and written tone of voice of online editorial, to keep consistency across the website.

Each bra style is described on the webpage, involving advice on how and when to wear it, as well as introducing  various colours and design features of lingerie, such as floral lace and bow detail.

After the main layout has been designed, I adapted it to other formats, such as email and phone email app.