In 2014 I was first introduced to D&AD New Blood awards and have chosen
to complete the Airbnb brief. The challenge was to Explore how Airbnb can
creatively empower their existing community to grow this idea of ‘belonging’
out to a new audience; translate this into a campaign.

First, I did a deep research into the company, its beliefs, identity, pros/cons and competitors, to help me with ideas and inspiration. Afterwards, I came up with
a concept for a social media competition, based on amount of Instagram,
Twitter and Facebook followers Airbnb had.

To celebrate ‘Belong Anywhere’ slogan, contestants would be asked to ‘like’ the official Facebook Airbnb page, broadening Airbnb community. Then, they would have to share
a quirky and interesting photo/ video of a place they think they belong to apart from
their actual home. The final step would be to write a small story or couple of sentences explaining what is so special about the featured place.

These stories would give an opportunity for contestants to share their own stories of ‘belonging’, proving that you can belong anywhere in the world.

An accompanying poster campaign would be launched, showing Airbnb’s
most unusual houses, such as a boot or a windmill house, using a simple #Curious? line to cause interest, and providing details of the web page to visit.